My First Half-Marathon

  Guys, I made it! I (barely) survived my first half-marathon. If you didn’t know I was running one, check out my older blog posts 🙂 Here are my take-aways from the 13.1 miles I put in yesterday morning: Maybe, actually, train: so I began the training process really strong. I think I followed my training regimen exactly for the first two weeks. However, my all-or-nothing attitude really kills me when I miss a day of training. There were a few weeks where I didn’t workout at all just because my week had started and I didn’t work out 😕. … Continue reading My First Half-Marathon

Christmas in New York City

Finally! My school semester is finished and I’m officially on vacation mode 😎. In just a couple of days, we’re flying into New York City to kickoff the winter semester break. My type-A personality lead me to create the following itinerary and I thought that you might like to see what we’ll be up to! And if you’re visiting the city soon, feel free to take inspiration from my plans! I’ve structured all of the attractions and reservations based on geographic proximity, festivity, and fun 😊 If you are going to New York soon, let me know if you take … Continue reading Christmas in New York City

Who let me do this??

Who let me sign up for a half-marathon??  There’s a whole slew of reasons why the longest road race I’ve run is a 6K: no time, asthma, too cheap to pay for a gym membership, needed to lose weight first…so.many.excuses. Today was day 1 of my training and I’ve already forgotten why I registered.    Oh. Right. The stranger who signed up for 13.1 miles was a motivated version of myself that was feeling especially festive and active last Friday night when I registered for the Holiday Halfathon in Sarasota. Dang my year-round holiday cheer. And what’s the active version of … Continue reading Who let me do this??