My First Half-Marathon



Guys, I made it! I (barely) survived my first half-marathon. If you didn’t know I was running one, check out my older blog posts 🙂 Here are my take-aways from the 13.1 miles I put in yesterday morning:

  1. Maybe, actually, train: so I began the training process really strong. I think I followed my training regimen exactly for the first two weeks. However, my all-or-nothing attitude really kills me when I miss a day of training. There were a few weeks where I didn’t workout at all just because my week had started and I didn’t work out 😕. That being said, I knew that I really slacked in my training. Unfortunately didn’t realize just how bad (I completely derailed and lost that training plan about four weeks in) until yesterday, right before my run, my watch notified me that my longest run so far had been 3.74 miles 😬😳 WHOOPS. Somehow, I made it 8 miles without stopping to walk, but after that there was a lot of walking. Also, I can barely walk now because of pain in both my feet, so there’s that minor set back 🤗
  2. Don’t be cheap: leading up to the race, I considered buying some new running shoes. It was just about time but it’s also Christmas season, so presents won out over buying myself new shoes. Definitely a mistake on my part. My feel and ankles pretty much don’t work anymore, but I enjoyed the experience I had with them while they worked. Don’t let my smile fool you in the photo above. My feet were killing me.
  3. Be selective about the race you choose: it’s no secret that I’m Christmas-crazy. I just love everything about the season, so the “Holiday Halfathon” in Sarasota seemed like a no-brainer. However, if I had looked into the run a bit more I wouldn’t have been surprised by the crazy course map and below-par holiday theme.
  4. Flexibility matters: and I’m not talking about muscles here. Yesterday at packet pick up, we were notified that our start time moved up an hour because a HUGE rain and thunderstorm were coming in (and they sure did!). Also, a part of my energy plan considered the oranges at mile six that were advertised pre-race, but they weren’t there #TypicalFlorida. Thankfully, I choked down my very first gu (goo? GU? Idk) and kept moving.

There’s so much more I could share about my running experience! In all, I would suggest that preparation is key: prepare physically and over-prepare for something you may need on race day.

Are you a runner? What tips do you have for us newbies the are just beginning long distance running? What do you pack in your running belt? Best headphones? Leave them in the comments! 🙂


PS- I can barely walk. Do any runners know how to help my feet that are hurting me? The WebMD diagnosis that sounds right is peroneal tendon stress/strain/tear. Plz help.

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