Who let me do this??

Who let me sign up for a half-marathon??  There’s a whole slew of reasons why the longest road race I’ve run is a 6K: no time, asthma, too cheap to pay for a gym membership, needed to lose weight first…so.many.excuses. Today was day 1 of my training and I’ve already forgotten why I registered.


 Oh. Right. The stranger who signed up for 13.1 miles was a motivated version of myself that was feeling especially festive and active last Friday night when I registered for the Holiday Halfathon in Sarasota. Dang my year-round holiday cheer. And what’s the active version of myself yelling at the girl sitting on front of a screen in sweatpants right now? “Make the time by actually waking up! Take a puff of an inhaler and get out there! It’s free to run outside! Training will help you get healthier! And you signed up for the Halfathon because it was on your list of goals, you silly achiever!”


Who let me sign up run a half-marathon just days before beginning my practicum experience?? Who has time for that?? Oh, and as you know, I decided to start a blog in the midst of all the impending busyness! Why not?!


Whoops! Looks like all that’s me again! Had I thought this fitness experience through, I would have forced myself to register for a serious road race a year or two ago when my only obligations were after 4 PM. What did I do with all of that time?? (It was homework and Gilmore Girls reruns if you were really wondering.) If most other runners aren’t professional athletes, but professionals in other areas AND then make time to run, I can too! I’m just like them! But better! Sometimes! At some things! 


Who else wants to join me?? I’d love be in community with some running buddies. And if I’ve piqued your interest in running a half, here’s the training plan I decided to use because it’s seems approachable and is aesthetically pleasing to look at (gotta be cute!). Contact me know if you wanna be my running pal, even from a distance, no matter what you’re training for. Have any tips for training for a race? Comment below! Let’s do this together!




IMG_0157 (Copy)

If I’m looking this good at the end of 5k race, you know I’m going to slayyyyyy at the Halfathon!

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