About Me

Oh, hey there!

I’m Molly, a 20-something New Yorker (the state, not the city) living in Miami, FL working on my master’s degree. Just doing my thing with my partner in crime and life, Shawn.

Welcome to the blog I’ve been meaning to start for a while (another item on my list of goals checked off!). I created “Wright Stuff”* for me to share various musings about my pretty incredible life. Not that I’m not humble, but my life is pretty amazing (and so is yours! Admit it!). I hope you’ll enjoy the recipes, fitness tips and fails (learn from my mistakes before you make your own, people!), stories about my academic and professional peaks and pitfalls, and more.

Here’s to the launch of this blog! Stay tuned for more, folks. I’m glad you’re here!


*Get it? Wright Stuff, like write stuff because this is a blog? I hope you appreciate a good pun. There will likely be lots in my writings. And since I’m fairly new to my last name, I still enjoy exploiting it for every pun possible.


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